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 ====Zammad installation==== ====Zammad installation====
-Zammad needs a virtualhost,​ if you don't define it, zammad.YOURDOMAIN.TLD will be used.+Zammad needs a separate domain name for it'​s ​virtualhost,​ if you don't define it, zammad.YOURNETHDOMAIN.TLD will be used
 +The virtualhost config for nethserver-zammad is created by the package, there'​s no need to manually create a virtualhost in the UI.
   yum -y install nethserver-zammad   yum -y install nethserver-zammad
-  config setprop zammad VirtualHost zammad.domain.local+  config setprop zammad VirtualHost zammad.domain.tld
   yum -y install zammad   yum -y install zammad
   signal-event nethserver-zammad-update   signal-event nethserver-zammad-update