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2019/03/04 06:06 · HF

Zabbix (server monitoring)

Zabbix, the monitoring suite on NethServer from zabbix repo.

Install mrmarkuz repo to ease installation/updates.

You need to choose which version you like to install.

Install Zabbix 5.0 LTS (recommended):

yum -y install

Install “oldstable” Zabbix 4.0 LTS:

yum -y install

Install nethserver-zabbix:

yum -y --enablerepo=mrmarkuz,zabbix,zabbix-frontend install nethserver-zabbix

To upgrade to 5.0 LTS it is necessary to remove zabbix-web* to get the newer version with yum without conflicts. This removes nethserver-zabbix too but we will reinstall it later. I recommend a database backup in a production environment, it's included in the NethServer backup.

yum -y install
yum -y remove zabbix-web-*
yum -y install --enablerepo=mrmarkuz,zabbix,zabbix-frontend nethserver-zabbix
yum -y update --enablerepo=zabbix

After updating you may have mixed language in Zabbix. To solve it, just change the language to something else and change it back in the user settings.

Go to https://NETHSERVER/zabbix and login with username Admin and password zabbix.

Default authentication is local db. Make sure you change the Admin password directly after first login.

Changing to Samba4 AD accountprovider / LDAP accountprovider:

As Admin, go to Administration / Authentication.
Click LDAP tab.
Check LDAP authentication checkbox.
LDAP host: ldaps://ad-domain.tld (best practice is to have a not used subdomain of the domain as ad-domain)
Port: 636 for ldaps, 389 for ldap.
Search attribute: sAMAccountName for Samba4 accountprovider, uid for OpenLDAP accountprovider.
Bind DN: check servermanager for BindDN. Default is ldapservice@domain.tld
Uncheck case sensitive login (zabbix is case sensitive for accountnames, disable this if you want lower case usernames only).
Bind password: check servermanager and copy-paste it.
Test settings:
username: valid Samba4 AD / LDAP accountname
password: password of the Samba4 AD / LDAP account
Click test button.
If ok, click update.
Change authentication to LDAP:
Click Athentication tab (first Tab).
Click LDAP.
Click update.

Zabbix needs the Samba4 AD / LDAP user pre-created in the database, without password.
Go to Administration / Users
Click new user (top right)
Alias: username (equal as user in Samba4 AD / LDAP)
groups: add group you want the user to be member of.
Leave password empty
Set other preferences as you need them.
click add.

You can now log in with the Samba4 / LDAP account.

The Zabbix agent is able to check Nethserver backups with following rpm by Emiliano Vavassori:

The map images are provided by Andy Wismer.

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