WebTop 5: support multiple calendars / contacts on mobile with EAS

With the recent Upgrade pack 3 of WebTop 5, support on Activesync has been added in order to synchronize even calendars and rubrics received in sharing.

Shared resources (calendars and address books) are displayed with the owner's name and category, with the internal code added in square brackets. The private elements of the shares are completely ignored and not passed.

Mobile devices based on Apple iOS fully support folders / categories for calendar, contacts and activities (called reminders), including original colors.

Mobile devices based on Android instead only support calendars and contacts (activities are not natively supported), but only on the calendars are supported folders / categories, without including colors using the native application Google Calendar.

Installing and using the CloudCal application: you can change the colors associated with each calendar, including shared ones.

On Android devices the contacts from shared phonebooks arrive in a single indistinguishable container, where it is still possible to modify the individual elements, which will be saved by z-push in the correct categories.

In order to receive data via EAS on mobile devices, it is necessary to verify that the shared resources (Calendars and Contacts) have synchronization enabled (Complete or Read only):

With the 5.1.5 update, the ability to enable and disable synchronization for each individual shared resource (Calendars and Contacts) was added. The user can customize every single resource received in sharing by deciding the type of synchronization.

To do so, just right click on the shared resource → Customize → Sync. devices:

The default setting is “Not active”.

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