WebTop 5: subscribing external web calendars and contacts (carddav, caldav, ical)


An Internet Calendar can be added and synchronized. To do so just click the right button on personal calendars → Add Internet Calendar. Two types of remote calendars are supported: Webcal (ics format) and CalDAV.

Synchronization of Webcal calendars (ics) is always done by downloading every event on the remote resource every time, while only the differences are synchronized with the CalDAV mode

Example of Google Cal remote calendar (Webcal only - ICS)

1) take the public access ICS link from your Google calendar: Calendar options → Settings and sharing → Secret address in iCal format:

2) on webtop add an Internet calendar of type Webcal and paste the copied url without entering the authentication credentials in step 1 of the wizard.

3) the wizard in the next steps will connect to the calendar, giving the possibility to change the name and color, and then perform the first synchronization.

The first synchronization may fail due to Google's security settings. If you receive a notification that warns you about accessing your resources you need to allow them to be used confirming that it is a legitimate attempt.


Example of Google CardDAV remote address book

1) on Webtop configure a new Internet address book (right-click on Personal Categories → Add Internet address book) and enter a URL of this type in step 1 of the wizard: (replace the X your gmail account)

2) enter the authentication credentials (as username use the full address of gmail):

3) the wizard in the following steps will connect to the phonebook, giving the possibility to change the name and color, and then perform the first synchronization.

To be able to complete the synchronization it is necessary to enable on your account Google, in the security settings, the use of apps considered less secure (here a guide on how to do:

Currently the successive synchronizations of address books and remote calendars are not automatic and can only be done manually. To update a remote address book, for example, click on it with the right mouse button and then select the item “Synchronize”:

For CardDav address books, as well as for remote CalDAV calendars, you can select whether to perform a full synchronization or only for changes. To do this, right-click on the phonebook (or on the calendar) → Edit Category:

Select the desired mode next to the synchronization button:

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