WebTop 5: how to enable and configure integration with Nextcloud

verify that the “Nextcloud” module has been installed

By default the webchat service on WebTop 5 is disabled for all users. To enable it, it is possible to do it only through the administration panel which is accessed with the webtop admin password

For example, if you want to activate the service for all webtop users, proceed as follows:

1) access the administrative panel and select “Groups”:

2) modify the properties of the “users” group by double clicking and select the button related to the Authorizations:

3) add to existing authorizations those relating to both the "STORE_CLOUD" and "STORE_OTHER" resources by selecting the items as shown below:

so get this:

4) save and close.

At this point from any user it will be possible to insert the Nextcloud resource (local or remote) in your personal Cloud.

To do this, simply select the Cloud button and add a new “Nextcloud” resource by right clicking on “My resources” and then “Add resource” in this way:

A precompiled wizard will open:

Remember to fill in the Username and Password fields related to access to the Nextcloud resource, otherwise it will not be possible to use the public link to the shared files

Proceed with the Next button until the Wizard is complete.

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