WebTop 5: management mailcards of user and domain

One of the main features of managing signatures on WebTop is the opportunity to integrate images or custom fields profiled per user.

To use the images you need to upload them to the public cloud through the WebTop admin user like this:

You can use the button to load an image which is at the bottom or simply via a drag & drop.

Remember that the public images inserted in the signature are actually connected with a public link. To be visible to email recipients, the server must be reachable remotely on port 80 (http) and its FQDN name must be publicly resolvable.

To change your signature, each user can access the Settings → Mail → Editing → Edit User mailcard:

The public image just uploaded will be able to recall it in the HTML editor of the mailcard with this button:

The personal mailcard can be associated with the user or his email: by associating it by email it will also be possible to share the mailcard to other users with whom the identity is shared.

Through the impersonate access you can also set a general domain mailcard that will be automatically set for all users who have not configured their personal mailcard:

Furthermore, it will also be possible to modify personal information:

that can be used within the parameterized fields within the domain mailcard editor:

In this way it is possible to create a single mailcard that will be automatically customized for every user who does not use his own mailcard.

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