Installation of NethServer on Proxmox

Original author: Rafael González (Asrix)

On Proxmox (3.4) interface, you create the new VM, and start the process.

1) Select the node (only if you have a cluster), the VM ID (unique), and its name.

Create a new virtual machine

2) Operating system: Linux 3.x and above:

Select Operating System

3) Source instalation. You can use a prhysical media (CD/DVD), or an ISO. If you use an ISO file, it must exists in the storage of the server.

Select installation source

4) Create a hard disk, according to your needs.

Crete a hard disk

5) CPU: select sockets (only if you have more than one physical processor) and number of cores

Select CPU settings

6) Memory: fixed or dynamic assignation:

Memory assignment

7) Network: you can create the primary interface.

Network settings

8) Preview (just check before confirm the new VM):

Review changes before applying them

After a few seconds, the new VM will be created. Yo can start it, and with the VNC (integrated on Proxmox) start the installation process.

Some Notes:

  • a) we use virtio drivers for NIC and hard disk, they work good.
  • b) You can add disks and networks interfaces on any time, hot-plug or not, according to your needs.
  • c) The process on Proxmox 4.x is very similar.
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