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2019/03/04 11:32 · HF

Available for NS7

Sympa is an open source mailing list manager. It provides advanced features with a rich and secure web interface.

  • scalable for big mailings lists ( > 1.000.000 list members)
  • list member provisioning using LDAP, SQL or other data sources
  • various authentication method (SSO, LDAP, X509)
  • S/MIME and DKIM
  • web archive with access control, message removal etc
  • virtual hosting for service providers.
  • automatic bounce management
  • easily customizable web interface
  • SOAP interface for integration with other applications

More features description.

Stephane de Labrusse at

1-You need to install my repository, see how to do it

2-You can install sympa

yum install nethserver-sympa --enablerepo=stephdl

It will install the email stack (nethserver-mail-server) but without the rspamd antispam, You can install nethserver-mail-filter if you want to filter spam with your mailing lists.

Once installed sympa needs to be enabled on the email domain you want to use, because of an email server you have to install either nethserver-directory (openldap) or nethserver-dc (samba AD). The listmaster of all lists/domains will be if is the first domain of your server.

* Install the account provider

yum install nethserver-directory


yum install nethserver-dc

* Now you have to set a password to the user admin to enable it.

* The first domain of NethServer must be enabled to use the web interface of sympa

db domains setprop SympaStatus enabled
signal-event nethserver-sympa-update

* You can go to and ask a first login for the, an email to register and create the password will be sent to There is no password synchrony yet between NethServer and Sympa with LDAP.

* Once the password has been created with the UI of sympa, you can create a list (top menu)

* When the list has been created, generally I use Web forum mailing list. Messages can either be read via email (subscription) or via the web (web archives). You need to change the default policy of email sending, default is summary (emails sent one day per week) , change it to direct (standard) (email received by the list , email forwarded)

* Then you can add members in the list directly, or if the list allow it, the users can directly subscribe themselves with the sympa UI (the account creation to subscribe is not a mandatory)

The list of users display if the email is sent by summary or direct

Well you have plenty of settings, this is for expert and power admin:

You can have several lists and use several domains !==

if you want to add a new domain to sympa, first you have to create the email domain with the server-manager of NethServer, then use the CLI to create it.

db domains setprop SympaStatus enabled
signal-event nethserver-sympa-update

Then you can go to, use the master listmaster ( to create the lists, you can add more master listmasters or domain listmasters

When you use the url, you can see only relevant lists to, lists for will be consultable at

By default is the master of all list/domains you can add more master listmasters who can manage all lists/domains

config setprop sympa listmasters,
signal-event nethserver-sympa-update and must create themselves their accounts in the sympa UI, like we did for

By default is the master of all list/domains but you can add more domain listmasters that can manage specifically one domain

db domains setprop SympaListMasters,
signal-event nethserver-sympa-update and will be admins on the domain for all lists and must create themselves their accounts in the sympa UI, like we did for

You can stop to use the WEB UI of a domain, it won't delete the list inside /var/lib/sympa but it disable the sympa url of the domain ( The list will continue to answer and send emails because of the file /etc/sympa/sympa_transport. Sympa writes itself inside this file, it is not a template, either close the list(s) before with the UI of sympa, or temporally comment this file and restart sympa and postfix

to close the web UI of sympa for a domain

db domains setprop SympaStatus disabled
signal-event nethserver-sympa-update

Any smtp providers have a limit in terms of how many emails you can send by day/hours. For example google allows you to send 500 emails/day or 2000 emails/day if you have a G suite account. A provider like ionos allows 5000 emails/hours if your email basic account is older than 30 days. Certainly once the limit exceeded you won't be able to send emails to your list subscribers

If you plan to send a lot of emails with your lists, because you cannot exceed the limit, or seen as a spammer, think twice on your IP or your sender reputations.

This is a howTo on all settings you need to do if you plan to not use a smtp provider

to restart sympa either do

systemctl restart sympa wwsympa sympasoap postfix

or expand all templates and restart all services

signal-event nethserver-sympa-update 

The mysql database and the folder /var/lib/sympa are included in the data backup of nethserver, after a restoration you should find back the service running, else try a

signal-event nethserver-sympa-update

check /var/log/maillog for any smtp issue
check /var/log/sympa.log for issue on sympa itself
check /var/log/messages for any general issue

Sympa should write to /var/log/sympa.log log file, if you can see a lot of sympa's messages in /var/log/messages, restart the server after the first installation or restart rsyslog

systemctl restart rsyslog

Please raise Issues on github