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-Hire Freelance Server Administrator Hire Freelance Server Administrator  +===== Welcome to NethServer===== 
-You are able to streamline the entire process thanks to the hiring portalYou simply post job detailsskills, and criteria, and then connect across the globe to thousands ​of engineers that may be suitable for youReview profiles once you get interested applicants, and then message immediately using the system+This wiki is a reference for all NethServer related howto'​s,​ tips & tricks and hacks. 
-Not only are you able to find the freelancer ​you’re looking foryou can also manage ​the project using the platformYou can break the job down into different tasksseeing which are completedas well as get an overall look at the schedule through ​the calendar functionThere’s no service quite like Field Engineer out there at the moment ​for IT CompaniesSmall Business, Telecom Operators and system integrators. +Since NethServer is a very extensive instance, documentation is very important.  
-Know More:​- ​[[https://www.fieldengineer.com/c1/​hire-freelance-server-administrator]]+ 
 +If you find anything that is not documented, feel free to give yourself and all Nethservians a hand by creating new documentation. 
 +===== What is NethServer ===== 
 +NethServer (([[howto:​trademarks_and_logo_usage_policy]])) is an operating system for Linux enthusiastsdesigned for small offices and medium enterprises. 
 +    * Extremely modular and feature-rich:​ MailServer and FilterWebServer, Groupware, Firewall, Web Filter, IPS/IDS, VPN and more. 
 +    * Powerful web interface that simplifies common administration tasksvery easy/fast installation ​and a lot of pre-configured modules installable with a “single click” 
 +    * Based on CentOS/​RHEL,​ a widespread and popular server distribution,​ trusted by routine security updates, and rock solid stability. 
 +    * 100% OpenSourcepowered by contributors ​and fueled by community. Transparent with open communication channels and well documented
 +===== Get started ===== 
 +Downloading [[http://​www.nethserver.org/​getting-started-with-nethserver|Nethserver ISO]] 
 +To start with Nethserver, we strongly recommand ​to read the [[http://​docs.nethserver.org/​en/​latest/​|official Nethserver Handbook]] ​you will find various ways to install NethServerYou will discover how to proceed with the base configuration,​ with modules, until the best practices to make things smoother. 
 +If you need few tips and tricks, or hack your Nethserver instance, or discover some potentials you can visit these [[http://​wiki.nethserver.org/​doku.php?​id=user_guides|User Guides]], to go a little further with the configurationand others modulesor simply discover ​the command line. 
 +And even if you don't find the information you need, or want to ask for a support or something elseplease go to our [[http://community.nethserver.org/|community]]  
 +===== Go further ===== 
 +New here, free software lover, all skills are needed to the NethServer'​s community, please read the [[howto:​volunteering|Volunteering page]] and join the Team.