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2019/03/04 11:32 · HF

Available for NS7

Roundcubemail is normally available from epel but with an older version that I propose (> v1.4.3), the repository is disabled by default to avoid to upgrade a lot of servers

Stephane de Labrusse at

1-You need to install my repository, see how to do it

2-You can install roundcube

yum install nethserver-roundcubemail --enablerepo=stephdl-roundcubemail

or if you just want to upgrade

yum upgrade roundcubemail --enablerepo=stephdl-roundcubemail

then do a signal-event nethserver-roundcubemail-update

This repository cannot be enabled by my side, but you can do it

modify /etc/yum.repos.d/stephdl-roundcubemail.repo

modify enabled=0 to enabled=1

drop a file /etc/e-smith/templates/etc/nethserver/eorepo.conf/10roundcubemail

# enable the stephdl repo

push @repos, 'stephdl-roundcubemail';


do a signal signal-event software-repos-save

There is no changes to nethserver-roundcubemail, please follow the manual

A double factor of authentication can be enabled, the github project can be found at :

First enable the plugin, add the plugin twofactor_gauthenticator to your plugin list, for instance :

config setprop roundcubemail PluginsList managesieve,markasjunk,twofactor_gauthenticator
signal-event nethserver-roundcubemail-update

then go to the user's preference in roundcubemail to enable it, press the box Fill all fields to create all secrets, then save the secret in your otp manager (like free OTP) and test the token before to save it (it must be tested before to be able to save the 2FA)

If you want to force the uninstall for a specific user you must use phpmyadmin and remove the rouncubemailDB.users.preferences.username. you can check :

you have some options you can edit, to enable them

cp /usr/share/roundcubemail/plugins/twofactor_gauthenticator/ /usr/share/roundcubemail/plugins/twofactor_gauthenticator/

Please raise Issues on github