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2019/03/04 05:32 · HF

Available for NS7

Roundcubemail is normally available from epel but with an older version that I propose (v1.4.3), the repository is disabled by default to avoid to upgrade a lot of servers


Stephane de Labrusse at


1-You need to install my repository, see how to do it

2-You can install roundcube

yum install nethserver-roundcubemail --enablerepo=stephdl-roundcubemail

or if you just want to upgrade

yum upgrade roundcubemail --enablerepo=stephdl-roundcubemail

then do a signal-event nethserver-roundcubemail-update

Enable the repository

This repository cannot be enabled by my side, but you can do it

modify /etc/yum.repos.d/stephdl-roundcubemail.repo

modify enabled=0 to enabled=1

drop a file /etc/e-smith/templates/etc/nethserver/eorepo.conf/10roundcubemail

# enable the stephdl repo

push @repos, 'stephdl-roundcubemail';


do a signal signal-event software-repos-save

Official manual

There is no changes to nethserver-roundcubemail, please follow the manual


Please raise Issues on github