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 ===== Quality===== ===== Quality=====
 {{topic>quality}} {{topic>quality}}
-===== All HowTos in Alphabetic order===== + 
-{{topic>quality}}+===== Testing and bug report===== 
 +<WRAP round todo 60%>
 ===== Quality HowTo contributor ===== ===== Quality HowTo contributor =====
 === Mandatory=== === Mandatory===
 {{topic>ht_mandatory}} {{topic>ht_mandatory}}
 === Classification=== === Classification===
-Add <nowiki>{{tag>quality}}</nowiki> at the end of any page to display the link here, in **All HowTo's in Alphabetic order**.\\+Add <nowiki>{{tag>quality}}</nowiki> at the end of any page to display the link here, and in ** Quality**.\\
-<WRAP round todo 60%> +Add <nowiki>{{tag>ht_testing}}</nowiki> at the end of any page to display the link here, and in **Testing and Bug Report**.\\ 
-<nowiki>{{tag>quality}}</nowiki> the how to will be in **All HowTos in Alphabetic order** + 
-</WRAP> +=== Create a new Quality HowTo===
-=== Create a new Translate HowTo===+
 {{NEWPAGE>quality}} \\ {{NEWPAGE>quality}} \\
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