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2019/03/04 05:32 · HF

Available for NS7

This Software Collection gives developers on CentOS and RHEL access to plenty of Python versions and allows them to benefit from various advantages and new features.

python33 python34 python35 python36


Stephane de Labrusse at


1-You need to install my repository, see how to do it

2-You can install python

  • Python33

yum install nethserver-python33 –enablerepo=stephdl

  • Python34

yum install nethserver-rh-python34 –enablerepo=stephdl

  • Python35

yum install nethserver-rh-python35 –enablerepo=stephdl

  • Python36

yum install nethserver-rh-python36 –enablerepo=stephdl

First access

you can enable the new python version for the session by :

python33 bash
python34 bash
python35 bash
python36 bash

do exit to quit the session and go back to the default version

do python --version to see what version you use

If you want to launch a script or command with a specific python version do

python33 /path/to/script
python34 /path/to/script
python35 /path/to/script
python36 /path/to/script

DB command

If you want to enable a specific python version for all shells, do

config setprop python version python33
signal-event python-update

you must log off and log on the session

default  is python2.7
python33 is python3.3
python34 is python3.4
python35 is python3.5
python36 is python3.6

python --version and you can see what is the version

I need more rpm

Each rpm must be installed manually, this an example on how to find it

yum list python33\*
yum list rh-python34\*
yum list rh-python35\*
yum list rh-python36\*


Please raise Issues on github