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 {{page>stephdl_donate}} {{page>stephdl_donate}}
-===== PostgreSQL =====+===== PostgreSQL by software collections =====
 <wrap hi>Available for NS7</wrap> <wrap hi>Available for NS7</wrap>
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 1-You need to install my repository, [[:stephdl_repository|see how to do it]] 1-You need to install my repository, [[:stephdl_repository|see how to do it]]
-2-You can install posgresql (only V10 is in my reposiotry)+2-You can install posgresql (only V10 and V13 is in my reposiotry)
   yum install nethserver-postgresql10 --enablerepo=stephdl   yum install nethserver-postgresql10 --enablerepo=stephdl
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   yum install nethserver-postgresql12   yum install nethserver-postgresql12
 +  yum install nethserver-postgresql13 --enablerepo=stephdl
 ====Official manual==== ====Official manual====