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2019/03/04 11:32 · HF

Available for NS7

Stephane de Labrusse at

phpLDAPadmin (also known as PLA) is a web-based LDAP client. It provides easy, anywhere-accessible, multi-language administration for your LDAP server.

Its hierarchical tree-viewer and advanced search functionality make it intuitive to browse and administer your LDAP directory. Since it is a web application, this LDAP browser works on many platforms, making your LDAP server easily manageable from any location.

First you are only with a read access, until you activate the 'kamikaze' mode, then you can change what you want, of course it is at your own risk.

In preamble you need to decide which account providers you need, openldap OR Samba4 AD. You have some documentations to read. Once installed, then you can go further

Install my repository, see how to do it

Then Install my rpm

yum install nethserver-phpldapadmin --enablerepo=stephdl

Reach the url by https://YourIP/phpldapadmin or by the Dashboard/applications panel

The admin login with the modifications permissions is :

  • on samba4AD (nethserver-dc) it is administrator and admin
  • on openldap (nethserver-directory) it is admin

You must use a login without its ''

Each valid login in the userpanel can be used to perform a login whatever AD or openldap, but of course only the admins can change the settings.

  • kamikaze mode (you can change settings) enabled/disabled
    config setprop phpldapadmin kamikaze enabled
    signal-event nethserver-phpldapadmin-save
  • allow external access public/private
    config setprop phpldapadmin access public
    signal-event nethserver-phpldapadmin-save
  • stop httpd access to phpldapadmin enabled/disabled
    config setprop phpldapadmin status disabled
    signal-event nethserver-phpldapadmin-save

Please raise Issues on github

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