is only a test, probably not so stable. So, be careful and please report back on forum

see also:
Centos SpecialInterestGroup AArch64:

install centos AArch64 on SD using the great work of umiddelb: (tested on version 1611 Centos 7.3)
note: skip the

The default settings for the installed image are :

  • root password : you choose during z2d
  • eth0 setting : dhcp
  • selinux status : permissive or disabled (board/kernel specific, see [Supported Boards] section and your model
  • no ntp/chronyd setup

i had problem with hdmi, so i've simply checked my dhcp server to identify my pine64+centos7
also the usb ports seems to not work

Set your keyboard, ie:

localectl set-keymap de

exclude the kernel from the centos base repo:
vi /etc/yum.repos.d/CentOS-Base.repo
and add the line under [updates]

update the system:

yum -y update
yum clean all

install nethserver 7:

yum localinstall

after waiting 5 min (well, 10 if you are ancious like me ;) ) unplug the power of Pine64+ wait 10sec and replug

done login to Nethserver-ARM: https://YOUR_IP_or_HOSTNAME:980

Packages available in Software Center: all package should be tested

* Account provider: OpenLDAP
* DNS and DHCP server
* File server
* Web server

* Basic firewall

Extras and Testing:
* Email (roundcubemail)
* MySQL server
* Statistics
* VPN (openvpn)
* Nextcloud
* Web filter (nethserver-squid,nethserver-squidguard,nethserver-lightsquid)

Packages available in nethserver-testing

to install:

yum --enablerepo=nethserver-testing install nethserver-....

Known Problems:

Other useful link:

Other notes:

To have some more info on Dashboard→Hardware, from root console:

patch /usr/share/nethesis/NethServer/Module/Dashboard/SystemStatus/Resources.php < patchDash.txt
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