NethServer::Directory(User Contributed Perl DocumentatNethServer::Directory(3)


Create a NethServer::Directory instance as a subclass of Net::LDAP package. The returned object has already bind()ed to the internal LDAP server.


Return a Net::LDAP::Entry object for the given UID, or undef if not found.


Append a simpleSecurityObject+device node for simple BINDs from localhost.


$ldap->configServiceAccount('sogo', PASSWORD_READ | FIELDS_READ);

Search the passwd and group databases for the first free user-id, starting from $base.

The returned id is a free uid, gid couple.

addGroupMembers($groupName, @members..)

Add the given @members to $groupName

delGroupMembers($groupName, @members..)

Remove the given @members from $groupName

setGroupMembers($groupName, @members..)

Set the members of $groupName to the given list

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