Available NS6 and NS7

Note for NethServer 7: the module functionality has been integrated in the server-manager based on Cockpit. Refer to [NethServer docs](

Carlo Minucci (gecco)

SambaStatus module is a web interface for `smbstatus` command. With SambaStatus you can see:

  • how many user are connected to your server.
  • how many files are open.
  • how many machines are joined domain.

Check the Repository to find out the latest version available.
Note: If the installation command fails saying it cannot open the URL, try downloading the rpm package (with `wget` for instance) and installing it afterwards.

For NethServer 7.x use 7.x version of SambaStatus. Example:

  yum install

For NethServer 6.x you must use old version. Example:

  yum install

You should find SambaStatus panel on the Server Manager.

Please, raise issues on

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