Available NS6 and NS7

Note for NethServer 7: the module functionality has been integrated in the server-manager based on Cockpit. Refer to NethServer docs


Carlo Minucci (gecco)


SambaStatus module is a web interface for smbstatus command. With SambaStatus you can see:

  • how many user are connected to your server.
  • how many files are open.
  • how many machines are joined domain.


Check the Repository to find out the latest version available.
Note: If the installation command fails saying it cannot open the URL, try downloading the rpm package (with wget for instance) and installing it afterwards.

For NethServer 7.x use 7.x version of SambaStatus. Example:

yum install http://minucci.net/nethserver/nethserver-sambastatus-7.3-1.noarch.rpm

For NethServer 6.x you must use old version. Example:

yum install http://minucci.net/nethserver/nethserver-sambastatus-0.4-1.x86_64.rpm


You should find SambaStatus panel on the Server Manager.


Please, raise issues on https://community.nethserver.org/