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A simple, low-overhead web dashboard for GNU / Linux. (~1MB)


Stephane de Labrusse at

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First you need to install my repository, see how to do it

then install the module

yum install nethserver-linux-dash --enablerepo=stephdl

each time you want to update linux-dash, you must do

signal-event nethserver-linux-dash-update

First only admin is allowed but you can add more users, linux-dash is restricted to the local network, but you can open it to the www if you want.

  # config show linux-dash 
  • add more users (at first only admin is allowed)
  config setprop linux-dash Users user1,user2,user2
  signal-event nethserver-linux-dash-update
  • allow it to www (public/private)
  config setprop linux-dash access public
  signal-event nethserver-linux-dash-update
  • stop the web service (enabled/disabled)
  config setprop linux-dash status disabled
  signal-event nethserver-linux-dash-update
  • change the url name

config setprop linux-dash Name plop

  signal-event nethserver-linux-dash-update

After that you can see your server-activity (bandwithd, cpu, nethwork, accounts…) in real time, go to https://IP/linux-dash (if you don't have changed the url) or go to dashboard→applications→linux-dash (think to set a password to the admin user)

Please raise Issues on github

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