Available NS6 and NS7

DokuWiki is a simple to use and highly versatile Open Source wiki software that doesn't require a database. It is loved by users for its clean and readable syntax. The ease of maintenance, backup and integration makes it an administrator's favorite. Built in access controls and authentication connectors make DokuWiki especially useful in the enterprise context and the large number of plugins contributed by its vibrant community allow for a broad range of use cases beyond a traditional wiki.

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First you need to install my repository, see how to do it then you can install the rpm

yum install nethserver-dokuwiki --enablerepo=stephdl

It's possible to access dokuwiki the first time pointing the browser to http://your_ip/dokuwiki

'admin' is your administrator (for ns6 set a password to admin, for ns7 create the user and set a password in the user panel of the server-manager), either by ldap, or by the internal authentication. After the installation you can specify in the 'superuser' field of the Configuration Settings who are also granted to manage dokuwiki.

* Only NS7

With NS7 you have to choice an account provider, either openldap or samba4, if you don't make this choice, dokuwiki is forced to an internal authentication.

# config show dokuwiki 
      Authentication=ldap   # 'internal' for the default dokuwiki authentication
      MaxUploadSize=256     # maximum file upload size in MB, MemoryLimit, PostMaxSize will use that value
      MaxExecutionTime=60   # Max execution time of a script, MaxInputTime will use that twice value
      access=public         # or 'private' to restrict to the local network
      status=enabled        # 'disabled' to stop dokuwiki

MaxUploadSize set the maximum upload size, the maximum post size and the maximum php memory values.

MaxExecutionTime maximum time allocated to a script to achieve its goal (Max input time is the twice value)

access set how dokuwiki is reachable or not from the wan

Authentication (see chapter Authentication)

URL (not set by default) you can specify the folder name of your choice (eg https://IP_NS/your_choice

DomainName (not set by default) use a FQDN domain name. Once set, dokuwiki is reachable at instead of

If you want to modify the settings, this is one example

config setprop dokuwiki  Authentication internal
signal-event nethserver-dokuwiki-update

a tutorial is available if you want to understand a bit more on the db command

check logs at


you have two different login, it is impossible to mix them so make the good choice : ldap or internal


When you authenticate through ldap, all users and groups from the user/group panels are valuable. If you want to restrict access for users or groups you must use Access Control List Management in the back-end menu of the admin user. Hence you cannot have a free registration to dokuwiki, users must be part of ldap.

For NS6, the ldap is openldap, for NS7 you can have either openldap or samba4


It is the internal authentication method of dokuwiki , create a user, a password is sent to the email address for validation. The user 'admin is still the administrator of dokuwiki and you must create it manually like all users.

With the internal authentication a private email is sent with the password, but in some case you could not receive the email therefore you must create a temporally your user ```admin``` manually

* Add to `/usr/share/dokuwiki/conf/users.auth.php`


Save and exit.

Then use the user `admin` and the password `admin` to create other users and reset the admin password

The manual is intended to be the extended resource for all standard questions on using DokuWiki.

Nethserver Dokuwiki comes with several plugins installed. The following plugins are installed by default:

ACL Manager by Andreas Gohr
Add New Page by Benjamin Santalucia, Sam Wilson, Michael Braun, Gerrit Uitslag, Albert Chern
Plain Auth Plugin by Andreas Gohr
Avatar by Michael Hamann, Michael Klier, Gina Haeussge
CAPTCHA Plugin by Andreas Gohr
Toolbar Code Button by Heiko Barth
Configuration Manager by Christopher Smith
Extension Manager by Michael Hamann
Gallery Plugin by Andreas Gohr
gh plugin by Andreas Gohr
include plugin by Michael Hamann, Gina Häussge, Christopher Smith, Michael Klier, Esther Brunner
Info Plugin by Andreas Gohr
Markdowku by Julian Fagir
Move plugin by Michael Hamann, Gary Owen, Arno Puschmann, Christoph Jähnigen
newline by xarkam
NoWiki Plugin by Petr Blaha
oauth plugin by Andreas Gohr
Pagelist Plugin by Matthias Schulte, Michael Hamann, Michael Klier, Gina Haeussge
Popularity Feedback Plugin by Andreas Gohr
Revert Manager by Andreas Gohr
RestructuredText plugin by Chris Green
safefnrecode plugin by Andreas Gohr
styling plugin by Andreas Gohr
Tag Plugin by Michael Hamann, Gina Häussge, Christopher Smith, Michael Klier, Esther Brunner
Translation Plugin by Andreas Gohr
DokuWiki Upgrade Plugin by Andreas Gohr
User Manager by Chris Smith
Video Sharing Site Plugin by Andreas Gohr
Wrap Plugin by Anika Henke

Many more plugins are available at

Backup are integrated with the backup of NethServer

Please raise Issues on github

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