Please be aware that the Admin and Developer manuals are the first and best source of information. The more you customise your server with command line access, either db commands, contrib rpms, or adding software manually the harder it is for problems to be resolved.



Add {{tag>howto}} at the end of any page to display the link here, in All HowTos in alphabetic order.
Add a second tag to make the howTo classified in the right category:

  • ht_installation to be in installation category
  • ht_basic to be in Basic configuration category
  • ht_gateway to be in Firewall / Gateway
  • ht_application to be in Services and Applications
  • ht_tips to be in Generals Tips
  • ht_testing to be in Testing and bug report

{{tag>howto ht_installation}} the how to will be in installation and in All HowTos in Alphabetic order

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