This is the help on the dokuwiki syntax and all available plugins for the documentation. The most of time you just will need to use the toolbar to write in the doku syntax, but in some rare cases you may need to look to the formatting syntax page.

see the documentation

The help on the syntax can be found on this page and a sandbox is there.

These are a few hints on how to write a good wiki page.

There is several manner to create a new page, see the help page. After that think to add a tag for sorting your page in the good category

This Syntax Plugin allows you to embed an automatically created image gallery into a page.

A basic gallery can be added by selecting a namespace like this:


All image files in the selected namespace will be added to the image gallery. Don't forget the “:” in front of the namespace.

see the documentation

Embed files from a github repository


{{gh> 5-10}}

Above syntax embeds lines 5 to 10 of the syntax.php file from this plugin's repository. You can leave out the line numbers to embed the whole file.

Syntax highlighting is done according to the file's extension.

see the documentation

This is a handy plugin with which you can include another wiki page into the current one. Just including certain sections of a page or even whole namespaces is supported, too.

This will include the section about tables of the syntax page.


This will include all pages in the project_foo namespace.


This will include the page blog:mypage and show the tags from the tag plugin and the number of comments from the discussion plugin. Both plugins need to be installed for this example.


This will include all pages with the tag testtag, the tag plugin needs to be installed for this example.


See the documentation

You can make a page which list all linked pages of a category, called a 'tag'. For example, add at the end of your page

{{tag> Tag1}}

Then when you will want to retrieve all tagged pages, simply put in the category page.


Of course you can have multiple tags to a page :

{{tag> Tag1 Tag2 Tag3}}

See the documentation for all Options.

This plugin shows a list of available translations for a page. It is very simple and was built with the needs of in mind and is used for documentation translation efforts here. There are a few limitations:

  • separate namespaces are used to store translations
  • translated pages need to have the same pagename as the main language page

see the documentation

This plugin allows you to embed flash video players from various video sharing sites. New services can be added by just editing a config file. This is not for displaying local video files.

A toolbar button pops up a prompt where you can simply paste the full URL to the page of the video you want to embed. The plugin will then try to figure out the video ID by itself

See the documentation

for example :

Nethserver 1. Introduction and Hw Requirements

you can use a warning | tip | todo | alert 1) box by the wrap menu in the Toolbar, see the documentation

Wrap is a cool plugin to design warning | tip | todo | alert 2) box

1) , 2)
And much more
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