The Nethserver project is open to contributors of all skillsets, from wiki editors, power users, graphic designers to developers, even if you think you have no Linux skills at all we can find a way for you to help push our project forward.

The enthusiasm and participation of our members is what characterizes our community.

Below you will find all teams which are working hard for the Nethserver community, be part of them.

Check also this document: How can I help NethServer project?

Community is the warm place where you can have a talk, ask a question, and find an answer (sometime). Be polite, we are not all native English speakers so please no flame war, maybe the question was badly understood, retry with other words.

The development of NethServer is based on the GNU General Public License, you can read the source on GitHub and watch the code activity on Openhub. NethServer is a fork of SME Server, more information is available here

To summarize, the NethServer backend engine (called Template and Database) is written with Perl and the Frontend (called Nethgui) is written with Php. We encourage you to read the developer manual, the developer and ask all necessary questions if you have the skill to develop community modules or core features.

Once done, you will need to do a pull-request to a nethserver rpm and raise a bug for letting us know that you have added a new feature.

This is the dev team writing the code.

This wiki is build on dokuwiki, you will have a quick go if you read the help page. After that you can start to write howtos, enhance other pages. If you are in doubt or have some questions, please ask on Discourse, we will try to answer.

Every volunteer is welcome to register on this wiki for an editing account, an admin's approval is needed to prevent spam. Please be patient!

This is the team that writes the documentation

The community is global, the earth is not so big as you think. We try to share in English and we encourage this behavior, but we need to translate the documentation, the content of the server-manager and this wiki to as many languages as we can to encourage the use of Nethserver all over the globe.

Tools for translations :

  • Create an account to transifex for the server-manager
  • Do a pull-request to github for documentation
  • Change the dropdown box to your language in the wiki and start to write

This is the team that writes the translations

While Nethserver is a Free project it's not free of bugs, we need your help to find what's broken and report issues at redmine to help our developers make this project rock solid.

Quality Team basic HOWTO

This is the team that does testing and QA

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