Installing NethServer on VMware/ESXi

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Skill: General audience
Published: 2016-05-27
Review: 2016-05-27
Last Update: 2016-05-27

Contact: Nethserver community forum
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Screenshots of the steps to install Nethserver 6.7 using ESXi (using vSphere Client on OS X 10.11 - with the assistance of CodeWeavers CrossOver/Wine since the vSphere Client is only available for Windows). Those running a Windows system can disregard the OS X window frames, it's the content of the windows that matter!

1) First of all, select the host you will use for Nethserver and click the menu File - New - Virtual Machineā€¦

Select the configuration for the Virtual Machine

Select Custom and click Next.

2) Enter the the name for your Virtual Machine and click Next.

Name and Location

3) Select the datastore you want to use to store the VM's files and click Next.

Select datastore

4) Select the most recent virtual Machine Version (in my case 8) supported by your ESXi host and click Next.

Select Virtual Machine version

5) Select Linux and version CentOS 4/5/6/7 (64-bit) and click Next.

 Specify Guest Operating System

6) No changes needed, click Next.

Select the number of CPUs

7) Set amount of memory (my production server has 5GB allocated) and click Next.

Set the amount of memory for the Virtual Machine

8) Accept the default settings, click Next.

Configure network adapters

9) Accept the default setting, click Next.

Specify the SCSI controller type

10) Select create new virtual disk and click Next.

Select a disk

11) Adjust the disk size to your liking and click Next.

Create a disk

12) Accept the default settings, click Next.

Set Advanced Options

13) Almost finished but, click Edit the virtual machine before completion and click Continue.

Configuration Resume

14) Select New CD/DVD, select the location of the downloaded Nethserver ISO file. In my case it is in a Datastore on the host, so I select Datastore ISO File and click Browse.

Editing the Virtual Machine

15) Select the previously downloaded Nethserver ISO file, make sure connect at power on is selected and click OK.

Attach ISO image

16) Click Finish.

Set the Virtual Machine boot  options

Your VM is now ready to be booted for installation.

17) Start the VM (in my case using VMWare Fusion for Mac) and open the console. No actions needed Nethserver automatically boots into the interactive install.

NethServer Boot Menu

18) Using the console you can now follow the regular installation instructions.

NethServer Installation

That's it!

After finishing the installation and initial configuration of your Nethserver virtual machine it is always a good idea to install VMWare Tools in your VM.

VMWare Tools?? VMWare Tools is a suite of virtualization utilities that improves the functionality, administration, and management of virtual machines on VMware hypervisors. Open VM Tools is the open source implementation of VMware Tools. VMware recommends using the Open VM Tools redistributed by the operating system vendors.

Steps to install Open VM Tools on Nethserver:

First open a console or ssh session and login using your admin credentials. Enter the following commands (when asked for a password, use your admin password again):

  su root
  yum -y install
  yum -y install vmware-tools-esx-nox

That is it, Open VM Tools installed!

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