Subtitle: First access to the webgui

Version and revision: V1.0 / R 0.0.

For Nethserver 6.6 and above.

Accessible to: Novice / Beginner

Date of presentation: Released on 2016-03-19

NethServer can be configured using the Server Manager web interface. From another computer or tablet, you need a web browser like Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome or Safari to access the web interface using the address (URL) https://a.b.c.d:980 or https://server_name:980 where a.b.c.d and server_name respectively are the server IP address and name configured during installation.

If the web server module is installed, you can also access the web interface using this address https://server_name/server-manager.

The Server Manager uses self-signed SSL certificates. You should explicitly accept them the first time you access the server. The connection is safe and encrypted.

The login page will gave you a trusted access to the web interface. Use following credentials:

Default user name: root
Default password: Nethesis,1234

Warning the default password is Nethesis,1234 don't forget the “comma”

Change the root’s password as soon as possible, by picking a secure one, composed of a random sequence of mixed-case letters, digits and symbols.

If NethServer is to be used in Gateway Mode, take into account that the DHCP server module has not yet been installed nor configured, therefore it cannot assign IP addresses to the LAN devices.

In that case you can manually set the network parameters for the device used to access the server manager. For instance, if NethServer's GREEN interface has been configured with an IP address of `` and a `` netmask, you can configure your device with any other unused IP address on the same network range (i.e. -, like ``, and with the same netmask as NethServer.

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