esmith::util::network - miscellaneous network utilities

In a root terminal you can do the command below if you want to display the up-to-date content

 perldoc esmith::util::network
 use esmith::util::network qw(:all);


 use esmith::util::network qw(the functions you want);

my $ip = cleanIP($orig_ip); my $is_valid = isValidIP($ip); my $is_valid = isValidPort($port);

This is a collection of generally useful functions for working with IP addresses.

Functions are exported only on request.

         my $ip = cleanIP($orig_ip);

If the $orig_ip is valid it will be cleaned up into a cannonical form, stripping any padding zeros and such.

         my $is_valid = isValidIP($ip);

Returns the IP given if $ip is a properly formatted IP address, undef otherwise.

         my $is_valid = isValidPort($port);

Returns true if $port is a properly formatted port, false otherwise.

Performs a cmp operation on two IP addresses.

This function returns true if it is passed a valid RFC 921 hostname, false otherwise.

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