RPM Documentation

The RPM creation follows rules that we won't write here all the details, we will just give you some hints and where to find them. The development tools (git, mock, …) must be installed on your build system if you plan to modify or create a RPM, the most simple way is to use a NethServer and install the RPM nethserver-mock.

yum install nethserver-mock

We cannot speak about RPM without talking of GIT and GitHub. GIT is the distributed version control system, GitHub is the website (using the GIT system) where the NethServer code source is hosted.

This part is covered on the NethServer Development Howto, but you can find a much more specific GIT howto

We hold some documentations on the wiki, see the category

We hold some documentations on our wiki, browse the category

Redhat/Fedora is the mother of RPM through its long history, If you are not familiar with RPM you should first start by How to create a GNU Hello RPM package

A good overview of the RPM rules are How to create an RPM package

Some documentations, the full index is browsable here.