# NethServer 7 upgrade planning (obsolete)


2017-03-21 – The sme8 migration and ns6 upgrade features has been implemented in ns7!


* discussion: * ns6 upgrade: * sme8 migration:

## 1. Restore from backup

_As sysadmin, I want to copy data and configuration of an existing system to a ns7 clean installation._

### Conditions Of Acceptance

* supported “existing systems” must be

  1. NethServer 6 and 7 (and derivatives),
  1. Nethesis NethService 8 / sme8 (and 9?)

* no IP conflict: source and target systems can run simultaneously on the same LAN

### Solution 1.1

Different procedures, for different scenarios:

1. From NethService 8 / sme8 (and 9?) to ns7: the “traditional” ``migration-import`` event imports data from the backup set

2. From ns7 to ns7, standard restore procedure

3. From ns6 to ns7, migration procedure + standard restore procedure

## 2. In-place upgrade

_As sysadmin, I want to upgrade a running ns6 installation to ns7, with minimal downtime._

### Conditions Of Acceptance

* The downtime must be less than the time required to install ns7 and restore a backup from an external media on the same hardware

### Solution 2.1

1. Execute pre-config-backup events

2. Run upstream upgrade tool against upstream repositories

3. Upgrade nethserver packages (without update events)

4. Reboot the system

5. Restore config (apply “solution 1 - procedure 3” from the above section).

# Implementation

## Restore from ns6

### issue 1 (closed/worksforme)

``package-list`` contains obsolete packages: how to filter it? Solutions:

1. ``yum list <packages>`` output filters out non-available packages

### issue 2 - nethserver-dc

On ns7 nethserver-dc is an alternative to nethserver-directory. If it is installed on the destination system the [samba classic upgrade]( must be run to import existing passwords and retain old machine accounts.

The nethserver-dc requires an additional IP to run. It is not available from the backup set of ns6, so it cannot start automatically during the restore procedure!

- Solution 1 (draft)

* pre-requisite 1.1: remove "Conflicts nethserver-directory" from ``nethserver-dc.spec``
* install nethserver-directory automatically and restore ``ldap-data.ldif`` and ``ldap-config.ldif`` as usual
* on restore procedure completion, start the DC as usual. The provision procedure must detect nethserver-directory and attempt the classic upgrade against it

- Solution 2 (draft)

  • pre-requisite 2.1: change the backup procedure in ns6, to dump the SAM DB in smbpasswd format: ``pdbedit -L -w``.

- Solution 3 (similar to 1)

* install nethserver-directory automatically and run restore-config. ``ldap-data.ldif`` and ``ldap-config.ldif`` are restored as usual
* fix LDAP ACLs to allow samba access from nsdc IP
* remove nethserver-directory package, but keep slapd daemon running
* install nethserver-dc (retaining the Conflicts tag)
* start the DC as usual. The provision procedure detects the special classic upgrade case and runs a classic upgrade instead of fresh install.

### issue 3 - mail-server alias expansion

Records of type ``pseudonym`` almost retain the same format of ns6.

Alternative solutions:

1. Fix the The ``Account`` prop in DB, by adding the ``@<domain>`` suffix. 2. See issue 5. Fix the /etc/postfix/virtual template to support “legacy” mode by adding the ``@domain`` suffix, if missing.

System groups are no longer mail distribution lists (prop ``MailDeliveryType=copy``). Existing groups must be converted to pseudonym records with multiple recipients.

### issue 4 - hostname not applied

The old FQDN from ns6 backup is not applied.

On ns7 the config keys ``SystemName`` and ``DomainName`` come directly from the ``gethostname()`` syscall. Existing DB values are ignored and overridden at run time.

The restore procedure must set the hostname in a preliminary step (event ``pre-restore-config``).

To support an “install-before-restore” scenario, nethserver-directory should add a ``realm leave`` during ``pre-restore-config`` event, and a ``realm join`` during ``post-restore-config``.

### issue 5 - PAM-based services (closed/#5144)

For instance for ejabberd:

- need to change the client username by adding the ``@domain`` suffix - logon with new username and old password from backup is OK - all users are listed as hidden (as expected on my test VM)

The username change on all clients affects almost any PAM-based service. It's a big problem if there are many clients to reconfigure.

Do we really want the ``@domain`` suffix? As workaround we can apply a backward compatible configuration to sssd.conf, like the following:

``` [sssd] domains =, legacy config_file_version = 2 services = nss, pam

[domain/] enumerate = True cache_credentials = True default_shell = /usr/libexec/openssh/sftp-server use_fully_qualified_names = True id_provider = ldap ldap_uri = ldap:// ldap_search_base = dc=dpnet,dc=nethesis,dc=it ldap_tls_reqcert = never

[domain/legacy] enumerate = False cache_credentials = True default_shell = /usr/libexec/openssh/sftp-server use_fully_qualified_names = False id_provider = ldap ldap_uri = ldap:// ldap_search_base = dc=dpnet,dc=nethesis,dc=it ldap_tls_reqcert = never

[nss] ```

With nethserver-dc “legacy” domain should look like

``` [domain/legacy] enumerate = False cache_credentials = True default_shell = /usr/libexec/openssh/sftp-server use_fully_qualified_names = False id_provider = ad access_provider = ad ad_domain = krb5_realm = NETHESIS.IT krb5_store_password_if_offline = True ldap_id_mapping = True ```

Experiments with the backward-compatible/“legacy” sssd.conf configuration:

- server manager, login OK, users and groups OK - ssh OK - ejabberd OK - dovecot: in userdb remove ``home=`` override, configure ``mail_location``. TODO: check shared folders. See also [the PR attempt to fix Maildir path]( - postfix: fix the alias expansion in /etc/postfix/virtual template. See issue 3 above - webtop OK

### issue 6 - Maildir path

The ns7 maildir use the long user name (with ``@domain`` suffix) form. On ns6 there was the short form. We need to ``mv`` to the new format. See also issue 3.

Implementation draft:

- -

## Migration-import modules for sme8

The migration from sme8 has the following pre-condition:

  Required modules must be installed before the migration occurs.

This includes the choice of the local accounts provider: Samba AD or OpenLDAP?

Checklist of existing NethServer modules with an action in migration-import event

- nethserver-base - nethserver-cups - nethserver-directory - nethserver-dnsmasq - nethserver-ejabberd - nethserver-faxweb2 - nethserver-fetchmail / getmail - nethserver-hosts - nethserver-httpd - nethserver-httpd-admin - nethserver-hylafax - nethserver-ibays - nethserver-mail-common - nethserver-mail-filter - nethserver-mail-server - nethserver-mysql - nethserver-ntp - nethserver-openssh - nethserver-samba

BOLD: packages in ISO

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