# NethServer 7 alpha 3 needs testing

NethServer 7 brings a lot of changes under the hood, most of them should be invisible to end user, but a lot of testing should be done. In this page you can view the main parts which need deep testing. Prior to reporting bugs, please check the following known issues. To report issues, please use [this thread](http://TODO).

* Download ISO 745MB [.torrent]( * [Administrator manual]( * [Developer manual]( * Bug tracker: [Alpha3 issues](, [create new issue](

## User and groups management

* nethserver-sssd * nethserver-dc * nethserver-directory

Those three packages needs to be tested carefully. ``nethserver-sssd`` is bundled within the ISO, ``dc`` and ``directory`` are alternatives that can be installed from the Software Center; they are listed as “Account provider”.

The following pages in Server Manager and their inline and online manuals must be tested

* Users and groups * Dashboard (TODOs and Accounts panel) * Domain accounts * Software center (TODOs)

Check the following scenarios

1. Samba Domain Controller: in a clean ISO installation, add nethserver-dc and start the DC machine, from the new server-manager page “User and groups”. If everything goes well, the same page will allow creating, modifying and deleting domain users and groups.

2. OpenLDAP: in a clean ISO installation, add nethserver-directory. If everything goes well, the “User and groups” page will allow creating, modifying and deleting LDAP users and groups.

3. Join AD: in a clean ISO installation, go to “Users and group” and join an Active Directory domain (both Samba and Microsoft implementations must work). After a successful join the users and groups should be listed in a read-only mode.

4. Join LDAP: insert the ``ldap:`` URI of another NethServer. After a successful join the users and groups should be listed in read-only mode. We didn't test other LDAP implementations; if you want to take a crack at it these are our requirements: support clear text protocol, anonymous bind and rfc2307 schema. ### Known problems To inspect the DC log files ask ``journalctl``: journalctl -M nsdc The DC fails to start if FQDN is too short, like ``test.local``, ````: ``` May 25 10:33:37 samba-tool[23]: ERROR(<class 'samba.provision.ProvisioningError'>): Provision failed - ProvisioningError: guess_names: Realm 'RO' must not be equal to short domain name 'RO'! ``` Correct values: ``test.somedom.local``, ````, ````… See [Samba Active Directory naming FAQ]( ### Reset the DC The “Start DC” procedure is designed for a single run. If it fails, reinstalling the whole server can be avoided with some bash commands. See ## Mail server The “Email addresses” page has been heavily modified. Test it works according to the updated manual page: ([changes]( Also focus on GSSAPI authentication from MS clients, available if NS is joined to AD (or provides DC sevices as well).

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