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2019/03/04 06:06 · HF

Collabora CODE

Thanks to Amygos Collabora is now in Nethforge repository.
The information in this page is kept for historical reasons. In its place, follow the instructions from the official NethServer documentation.

Collabora CODE is an online Office Suite. It's used in Nextcloud via the richdocuments app to edit office documents. You need to install Nextcloud from Software Center to make this module work. In Nextcloud you may just create and edit office documents.

mrmarkuz repo

mrmarkuz repo is required for installation/updates.

Install Nextcloud

You have to install Nextcloud from Software Center or via command line to use onlyoffice:

yum -y install nethserver-nextcloud

Install Collabora repository

Install collabora repo:

yum -y install collabora-release

Install Nethserver Collabora

yum -y install nethserver-collabora

Update workaround

The CODE update doesn't update the config file and leaves it as *.rpmnew. Here is a workaround if CODE does not work after an update:

mv /etc/loolwsd/loolwsd.xml /etc/loolwsd/loolwsd.xml.old
mv /etc/loolwsd/loolwsd.xml.rpmnew /etc/loolwsd/loolwsd.xml`
signal-event nethserver-collabora-update

Set admin password for collabora admin

The admin password is set to “Nethesis,1234” by default. To change it do

loolconfig set-admin-password
signal-event nethserver-collabora-update

Now you can login to https://YOURNETHSERVER/loleaflet/dist/admin/admin.html

Valid certificate

You need a valid certificate like letsencrypt. If you have to use another domain than your Nethservers domain name, you may use the Domain prop:

config setprop loolwsd Domain
signal-event nethserver-collabora-update

Nextcloud app configuration

The nextcloud richdocuments app is autoconfigured. If you installed Nextcloud after nethserver-collabora just run

signal-event nethserver-collabora-update

to setup the collabora nextcloud app.

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