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rs are contemplating using / or are already using Proxmox as a virtualization environment this page will co... ===== Here are a few typical scenarios for using Proxmox: - A Simple Home Network - A Network for SME... ion: /24)\\ Gateway / Firewall:\\ Proxmox Server 1:\\ This is intended as ... l (This could also be your NethServer...), inside Proxmox. This runs stable and surprisingly well (After a
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====== Installing NethServer on ProxMox ====== This Howto guides you through the creation process of a VM running NethServer 7.5 on a [[|ProxMox 5.2]] Host. ProxMox is a Debian based hypervisor. ProxMox is considered a [[
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====== Instalación de NethServer en Proxmox ====== **Autor original:** Rafael González ([[http://community...|Asrix]]) En la interfaz de Proxmox (3.4), usted crea la nueva máquina virtual (VM), ... a virtual (única), y su nombre. {{ :userguide:01-proxmox--create-virtual-machine--general-tab.png?800 |Cre... rativo: Linux 3.x y siguientes: {{ :userguide:02-proxmox--create-virtual-machine--select-os.png?800 |Selec
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====== Installation of NethServer on Proxmox ====== **Original author:** Rafael González ([[|Asrix]]) On Proxmox (3.4) interface, you create the new VM, and start... e VM ID (unique), and its name. {{ :userguide:01-proxmox--create-virtual-machine--general-tab.png?800 |Cre... ng system: Linux 3.x and above: {{ :userguide:02-proxmox--create-virtual-machine--select-os.png?800 |Selec
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tps://| soyoustart]] with a proxmox Instance. The nethserver V7 and the samba4 AD for... Another approach could be to use the firewall of proxmox and open each needed port to the VM, but you have... rewall (the firewall of nethserver and the one of proxmox) this is what I did at the end {{::samba4_netwo... not yours) you must create a 'dummy' interface in proxmox, this is how to create it. {{::screenshot-2017-
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V]]** * **[[userguide:install_nethserver_on_proxmox|Instalación sobre Proxmox]]** * **[[howto:create_a_nethserver_virtualbox_instance|Instalación sobre
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V]]** * **[[userguide:install_nethserver_on_proxmox|Installation on Proxmox]]** * **[[howto:create_a_nethserver_virtualbox_instance|Installation on Virt
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ne …. " (As an alternative to VmWare, you can use Proxmox, OpenCloud, Interactive CloudOS, XEN etc with the
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zation platforms that are self controlled such as Proxmox, Xen or VMWare, a virtual network interface can b